Indoor Coaching Academy - Technical Foundation before XMAS

The programme is split into 8 week blocks with the first 8 weeks consisting of technical work before XMAS

Players will be grouped together in order to best serve their development.

Pre Xmas weeks 1 -6
Focus on the basics of Bowling, Batting and Fielding. Front Foot and Back Foot batting, Bowling Alignment, Catching, Throwing, etc
Tactical Aspects of Cricket
Weeks 7-8
Revisiting technical areas and challenging the players based on the progress through the sessions

Each session will include a short period of revisiting the previous sessions focus, and a debrief. The U7-9 sessions will work more closely on the basics and introducing the basic principles, movements and understanding of cricket.

The sessions are designed and run by our Level 3 Head Coach Neal Robinson, who is one of the lead coaches at Berkshire in their age group system. Neal is one of the 4 lead coaches on the U10- 12 Pre Xmas Development programme, and a coach on the Berkshire EPP. Alongside Neal, the coaching team will include Jack Kendall (Level 2 Coach, Royal Ascot CC 1st XI Captain), Lewis Smith (Level 2 Coach, Premier League Cricketer). Other coaches that will support the sessions will include Euan Woods (Level 2 Coach, England U19 Cricketer, Surrey & Hampshire 2nd XI), Charlie Moss (Level 2 Coach), Michael Cowdell (Level 2 Coach, Berks Age Group Cricketer).

The programme is a blueprint that the coaches will work around depending on the development of the players. During each session the players will cover the technical aspects and go into drills, challenges and games to further draw out their learning.

Our programme has identified the technical and tactical areas that players need to develop through their training, and our coaches are working in a structured manner to lay these building blocks.

Session times are:

U7-U9 years
6-6:45pm (School years 2-4) - SOFTBALL

U10-U12 years
6:30-7:45pm (School years 5-7)

U13-U16 years
7:45-9pm (School years 8-12)

First Session - Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Dates: 2/10, 9/10, 16/10, 30/10, 6/11, 13/11, 20/11, 27/11,

Next Block: Starts 4/12


Our winter programme also includes a Junior Programme for our younger cricketers!

These sessions are filled with fun drills, challenges and games that start to develop the skills that underpin their cricket.

All the players will get a free T Shirt for joining our Academy Sessions.